• This Melodramatic Sauna


    This Melodramatic Sauna could be the name of a scene steered by Hitchcock… Here the director is Jonathan Seilman, the movie is the music, and the stories are told by a fragile breath…
    A trained saxophonist and meddler in various instruments, Jonathan Seilman has been working on this project since he was 16. Skillfully mixing acoustic music with more complex electronic sounds, This Melodramatic Sauna transports us to a universe full of imagery where sweet songs and intoxicating instrumental compositions become entangled.

    « …et les fleurs éclosent à l’ombre » is the first official release of This Melodramatic Sauna ; a collaboration with friends and a string quartet formed for the occasion… A foggy landscape in which we are told stories full of poetry and melancholy…
    On stage, This Melodramatic Sauna is minimally orchestrated around Jonathan Seilman’s guitar loops, saxophone and samples, accompanied by Fabien Proyart on the theremin, analog keyboards and crystal glass, Erwan Fauchard on piano and François Gautreau on drums.

    At the age of 22, Jonathan Seilman has been influenced by numerous experiences. Bass player for the band Argument, composer for the album « lay your soul bare » of The Patriotic Sunday, he also participated on « memento rumori » by Audiopixel, realized the music for the short film « un coup de vent » directed by C. Soares as well as for Marie Crétal’s exhibition « peintures aquatiques ». At the moment, he studies musicology at the University of Rennes, and orchestration at the Conservatoire National de Région de Nantes…

    This Melodramatic Sauna has played live with Devendra Banhart, Venus, Jackie O Motherfucker, Zü, Mansfield.TYA


  • Effervescence-manifeste

    ‘Effervescence Manifeste v/a’

    'The automat' - 2003, CD & digital album




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