• Stuntman 5


    We did not know how to classify this record. In what departement would it have its place? on the side of electronic music ? Or « independent music » (the catch-all of the unclassifiable…)? For ‘Akolabuzi’, Stuntman5’s third album (after ‘Bretzel arabesque’ and ‘Melted, fake, plastic’….) was for us a real dilemma.
    Like the picture of the two wrestlers adorning its cover, this album is an intense fight, a genuine bare-fisted battle between an unbridled electronica and a noisy rock reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine’s shoegaze guitars. One can hear drumbeats pitting themselves against beatboxes, massive bass grasping shooting guitars by the waist on a treadmill of mind-blowing layers …

    A recording made with a few microphones and a travelling laptop in order to catch sounds ‘elsewhere’ and go find musicians in their own cities. The whole being produced analogically in Silver Sonya studio’s very rock sound, with the help of sound engineer Devin Ocampo (member of Faraquet).

    Stuntman5 also being a DJ under the name ‘Cognac Jay‘ (editing monthly mixes guests or by its guests …), we finally chose to link this disc to today’s electronic culture.

    Christian Bagnalasta has always included the ‘mix’ in his musical practice, as a musician (Stuntman5) or DJ (as DJ resident at ‘La Route du Rock’ French summery Festival).

    He developed a taste for mixing genres, colours and tempos, creating anachronistic pieces and always being open to anything that involves his musical curiosity.

    This new opus reactivates collaborations with The patriotic sunday, tordéonde, Lauphi, Mr Daewoo, Amarillo Hem, Sug(r)cane, Komori as chance companions.

    ‘Akolabuzi’ wakes up the psychedelic spirits and ressuscitates the 60′s.

    is immediate and it is also a lava flow.

    ‘Akolabuzi’ is so called for obscure reasons.


  • stuntman5.bretzel

    ‘Bretzel Arabesque’

    2003, CD & digital album

  • Effervescence-manifeste

    ‘Effervescence Manifeste v/a’

    'Si tu t'emmerdes, je te propose du coloriage (interlude pour bombarde n°27)' - 2003, CD & digital album