• Room 204


    ROOM 204 was born in June, 2001 in the form of a guitar-drums duo.
    The band develops melodic and rhythmic structures heavily influenced by a distinctly modern varieties of genres.
    Rock ? Math rock ? Noise ? Over the years, ROOM 204 has forgotten its own personal universe that identifies closely with the American scene around Don Caballero and Oxes.

    In 2003, they released their first eponymous album that led them on an amazing Franco-Belge tour with Chevreuil, for which they released a split 7-inch (recorded by Peter Deimel at the Black Box studio).

    In 2005 they released their second album « trans panda », a more vicious and visceral record, which got them more public and critical acclaim.

    « trans panda » took them on the road once again where they met, among others, the Italian band G.I. Joe and the Austrian label Interstellar Records, which gave birth to this year’s split 10-inch.

    In 2010, ROOM 204 is back on the tracks after an almost 4 years break with their 3rd full-length album.
    « Balloons » contains 8 tracks recorded and mixed by Jay Pellicci (31Knots, Deerhoof,…) at the Tiny Telephone in San Francisco and mastered by TJ Lipple (Aloha) at Silver Sonya, Washington DC.
    The vinyl is available on Kythibong (France). The cd on Stiff Slack (Japan).
    The only major move has been from guitar to baritone that gives to « Balloons » a wider sound.


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