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    After his musical work on the choreographic performance “Comme en plein jour” by Jean Baptiste Andé under the name PERCEVALMUSIC, Tony Chauvin (Guitar player for cult experimental duo CHEVREUIL) hits your local club with a new set-up. Not forgetting his past shows and experiences with CHEVREUIL, Tony Chauvin pushes the limits further away with PERCEVALMUSIC. CHEVREUIL played in
    the audience with a quadraphonic guitar surrounding the drums, now the sound is hybrid between the guitar
    amps and the PA system giving more depth to his eloquent guitar sometimes pretending to be organ or a lead singer, other times a clavinet or a percussion instrument. This live performance surrounds the audience for an experience in-between acoustic and electric, carefulness and brutality, stability and chaos.
    The project also contains a drummer and saxophone player, Ti Yann Février in this innovative somewhat aristocratic music that plays sacred melodies with power of rock, the trance of electronic music and precision of classical music. The debut album “Viescolaire” released in 2005, on the Collectif EFFERVESCENCE label, was a point of departure, a sonic research far from all preconceived ideas, mixing genres that never coexisted, looking for a classical heritage to get closer to the future.
    The new album “Dormir Sommeil” is the next step, don’t look back.


  • percevalmusic-dormirsommeil

    ‘Dormir Sommeil’

    2007, CD & digital album

  • percevalmusic.viescolaire


    2005, CD & digital album : SOLD OUT !

  • ‘Effervescence Manifeste v/a’

    'Coeur de rockeur' - 2003, CD & digital album



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