• Audiopixel


    Audiopixel is Miguel Constantino, also great sound engineer. He was assistant at the CCMIX (Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis) during summer 2004, now he’s currently working on making his own studio and produced
    the records of the patriotic Sunday, Stuntman5, This melodramatic sauna for the label… among others.

    Audiopixel was born in 2002 with the aim to find a new way to play (with a) guitar. A simple plan : an electric guitar, a mixer, 2 sampler pedals, and a peculiar set up that could enable him in sounding like a laptop without using one.

    Then came the time to blend melodies into theses complex and chaotic structures, open to random rythmes and silence.

    Audiopixel is the expression of many musical influences that seem opposed, sound textures et song constructions inspired by contemporary artists, obvious and fragile pop melodies.


  • parin.perdu

    ‘Pain Perdu v/a’

    'The Funeral Song' (with Domotic) & 'Afropixel' - 2006, CD & digital album

  • audiopixel-mementorumori2

    ‘Memento Rumori’

    2005, CD & digital album



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